Institute for Meditation stands out from other meditation schools by its personal approach and focus on self-enquiry. In our trainings and retreats we explore our attitude towards relationships, work, emotions, thoughts and bodily sensations. We offer different meditations to explore the nature of stress, control, resistance, flow and relaxation. We regard the open sharing of individual experiences in our insight dialogues as the core of our teaching programs. 


Another clear characteristic of our school is that we do not stick to one lineage of meditation. We teach simple yet profound models, theories and philosophies from different traditions to deeply understand the meaning of meditation. In order to experientially explore the meaning of meditation, we also use different techniques of meditations which have their origin in the different traditions. We sit in silence, but also dance, discuss, shake, shout and go into nature. 


We don’t believe force is necessary for change. Any force will inherently bring stress in your life, however subtle this tension may be.. We therefore use meditation as an effortless tool to look at life and conciously live the life we want to live!

About meditation

The essence of meditation is to simply become aware of what you think and feel. Take a moment to look at it closely. What do you want and what do you resist? Become aware of what is actually happening in your life.. Automatically it will become clear where you are drawn towards. From this clarity, a spontaneous movement happens by itself. 

About our journey

Before founding Institute for Meditation, we have been living in different countries, with different cultures, different views on life. We’ve been astonished to notice how radically different you can look at for instance 'death' when you are born in The Netherlands or when you are born in India. This doesn’t only account for the subject of ‘death’, but almost for any aspect of life. Relationships, work, love, freedom.. Seeing the other side, was being relieved from our conditioned, restricted, one-sided view of what is right and wrong, important and unimportant. Seeing and acknowledging the other side, automatically relieved us from our urge to control life in one direction.

About our learning

We experienced how teachers and other open-minded people were able to bring new perspectives to our lives. They made us aware of our basic assumptions about how we look at the world. With the support of our teachers, we were able to see the ideas, beliefs and assumptions that limit us to live our passions. Once we started seeing the limiting beliefs more clearly, we consequently started seeing new opportunities to live the way we wanted. We gained the capacity to move more freely, whenever and wherever we felt drawn towards something new.

About our vision on human nature

Most psychological and spiritual traditions assume that every person has a deficiency or lack that needs to be fixed. We don’t believe in human deficiencies nor fixing. We do acknowledge human beings tend to hold on to particular beliefs and perspectives: patterns of thinking. We believe the only way to break out of this narrow-minded thought process, is to help each other becoming aware of our beliefs. Once we recognize our beliefs, we can understand how our daily lives are shaped by these beliefs. We facilitate this ongoing proces of self-enquiry with insight meditations, insight dialogues and exploring creative perspectives on how to live the life you want to live.


About why we would love to meet you..

We like to share an open attitude which allows every aspect of life. 

We like to share an effortless approach to meditation. 

We like to share a playful and curious exploration into the mystery of life.

We would love to meet you!

Paul Verkuijlen

Paul is a meditation teacher, philosopher and massage therapist. He was born in The Netherlands but spend the last years mostly living abroad. With Merel he has been running meditation courses in India, Portugal, Thailand and The Netherlands. 


He studied meditation and Eastern philosophies while living in meditation communities in India and Australia. After seeing many teachers (and charlatans), he clearly saw the benefits and traps of the different spiritual teachings. Through his incessant curiosity and with the honest input of teachers, he recognized the source of confusion and suffering. Consequently he realized the meaning of clarity and liberation. This is when he started to share his passion for meditation.

He has a bachelor's degree in teaching and a Master's degree in sociology. His main focus of study was social psychology, philosophy and lifestyles.


Paul is a certified Osho Meditation facilitator (Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India).


Next to teaching meditation, he also works as a certified massage therapist and had more than 300 hours of training in various disciplines: rebalancing, aryuvedic yoga massage, Thai massage and Myofascial Chi-Release.

Merel Martens

Merel is yoga teacher (E-RYT500) and certified yoga teacher teacher. She was born in the southern part of the Netherlands. She lived in India for six years, where she founded and managed a successful yoga and meditation teacher training school. Throughout the years she has trained over 300+ students to become successful yoga teachers and therapists. She now focusses on her yoga teacher training school Dutch Yoga Academy and on teaching meditation with Institute for Meditation. 


She studied yoga philosophy and Buddhism in various meditation centres in the Indian Himalayas.


She has a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Master's degree in International Public Health.


She is specialized in mind-body physiology and psychology and wrote a book about this subject titled: ‘Essential Yoga Therapy: A beginner's guide to applying yoga therapy’.

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