April 28, 2018

This blog post questions the common spiritual belief that we can actively change our feelings and choose to be happy instantly

April 8, 2018

Yes, finally I watched 'Wild Wild Country' too. The stories about the community set up in Oregon in the '80s were already known to me after being in the Osho scene during the past years. What I find astonishing, which is the reason why I write this blog, is to see the...

December 28, 2017

Do I have to sit still to do meditation??

When you think about meditation, you mostly think about people sitting silently in a lotus posture. The main aim of meditation is to become more aware of your inner world (read more about meditation in my previous post). This me...

December 27, 2017

Our cultivated focus on the outer world

In the Western world, we have cultivated a focus on our so called outer world. We are immersed in our actions and eager for a successful outcome (e.g. career, performance, appearance). We try to manifest a life by our own design w...

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